Standalone Facial Recognition

Depending on the recognition method,

facial recognition system can be divided into two types:

Network-based System and Standalone System.

While Network-based System processes matching and authentication on server,

which leads to a low performance and increasing data charges,

Standalone System processes everything within the device itself and connects to the network only when necessary.


Network-based Facial Recognition System

How does it work?

Image quality loss

1. Detect face

2. Transmit

3. Face Matching

Time delay

5. Authentication

4. Return result

Image quality loss from image compression and transmission

Delay and error due to network connection

Doesn't operate in emergencies

Heavy data charge


Embedded Facial Recognition System

How does it work?

Real-time Authentication

Cloud / App / SW Manager

Connects to server

when update is needed

Uses high quality image for authentication, enhancing accuracy further

Real-time authentication,

exempt from network delay / error

Keeps running in extreme conditions

(earthquake, fire, power outages, etc)

Lower data charge



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