Access Control

1. C IT Company

For: C IT company’s smart security center


Problem: A need to upgrade to a more secure and convenient access control


Solution: CVT’s face recognition readers on the door of each room


Model: FA-1000


Year: 2019


Recommended our solution to its construction subsidiary

Since its foundation in 1995, C IT company has offered lifestyle based

IT services such as manufacturing, distribution, logistics and media, leveraging steady growth of the company with customer trust and support. For the Smart Security Center, it has chosen CVT for the access control of the facility.  The devices installed at the entrances verify the identities of the employees and ensure the security of each room. The system has been up and running with no errors or issues reported.

2. C Construction HQ

For: C construction company's HQ office entrance


Problem: ID badge for access control → Needs a more convenient method of access control


Solution: CVT’s walk-thru recognition


Model: FA-2000


Year: 2019

Since its foundation in 1995, C construction has grown under its vision to be ‘The ONLY ONE real estate developer that provides total solutions and services’ by leading the future space culture with distinctive competencies and prestige services. CVT is supporting the vision by providing its face recognition technology for access control.

C IT company had recommended CVT to the construction company for its competitive solution after the installation at the smart security center. To resolve the inconvenience they were experiencing having to carry their ID badges all the time, CVT implemented its walk-thru model on speed gate.

As in this case, we are giving our best to augment our customers’ daily life experiences.

3. A Coworking Space in Seoul

For: A coworking space in Seoul


Problem: A more convenient and hygienically safe access control


Solution: CVT’s Face A+


Model: FA-1000

Year: 2020

Due to COVID-19’s devastating impact on the business world, many coworking spaces have closed down as more and more people began working from home. In order to ensure the safety of the facility, the people, as well as their business interest, a shared office in Seoul sought out an access control method that befits the new trend of “untact.” Our security company partner suggested implementing Face A+ to protect the workers and alleviate the uneasiness. After the installation, the access control has become more secure both physically and intangibly, safeguarding the continuity of business.

4. L Department Store

Time & Attendance

For: L department store’s office entrance


Problem: Upgrading the access control for VIP Lounge


Solution: CVT’s Face A+


Model: FA-1000

Year: 2019

Test-running at the headquarter office for the employees’ access control.

For its VIP Lounge, L Department Store had been searching for a way to ameliorate customer experience. In countless occasions, the employees faced the delicate situation where the “VIP” had forgotten their ID cards to access the lounge. CVT’s face recognition technology will improve the situation for both parties and establish a new method of verification for its most valuable customers. As in this case, CVT will endeavor to provide an easier, better way of life.

1. L Construction

For: L construction company

Problem: Omissions in payment for the workers


Solution: Installed CVT's face recognition readers at the speed gate to verify whether the workers had been paid or not


Model: FA-2000

Year: 2020

Promotion of CVT’s Face A+ to the sales team in all of L company’s regional branches in Korea.

At L construction company’s construction site at Songdo, Incheon, the administrative team was having a wage management issue. Some workers were often omitted in the payment process so they needed a way to check whether the workers had been paid. In order to improve their time and attendance system, they accepted recommendation from our partner, another subsidiary of the L group, and installed Face A+ on speed gate where the workers clock in/out. CVT had revised the system to enable confirmation of the payment. We are providing our full support for its smooth operation.


After the successful implementation of our walk-thru model, our partner is promoting the solution to all of its sales teams across the country.

2. B Sink HQ

For: B sink company's headquarter office

Problem: COVID-19 and a need for a more hygienic and safe measure of HR management


Solution: CVT’s face recognition reader and the PC management program, Access+, for time and attendance


Model: FA-1000

Year: 2020

B Sink is a Korean sink company established in 1960. At their HQ in Seoul, there was a growing concern regarding hygiene after the city was hit hard by the corona virus. The employees were using ID card to clock in and out which involved touching the card reader. The management team contacted CVT after searching for a more efficient time & attendance method. The whole transaction was processed swiftly as both parties’ interest matched. CVT supplied Face A+ and Access+ to assist them to better manage their employees’ record. We also provided a prompt response in customer service, helping the setting up of Access+.

B Sink is to implement the readers in all of its factories after this test-run.

3. E-plex Institute

For: E-plex, a private educational institute in California

Problem: A more efficient time and attendance system to notify the parents of the students’ safe arrival


Solution: CVT’s face recognition readers integrated into the institute’s system


Model: FA-1000

Year: 2019~

Additionally installed another set in its newly opened branch in Georgia.

Korean mothers’ eagerness for education do not thin out crossing the ocean. The institute where they entrust their children with, must be, above all, reliable in every aspect. E-plex, an afterschool private institute in the USA with three branches across the country, has sought out CVT for its attendance system. The walk-thru solution on the device helps the students to clock in and out smoothly.

CVT plans to launch its service with an experienced partner in the field for numerous other such institutes in both North America and Korea.


1. Panasonic

With: Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific

Problem: In need of a competent partner for its Visitor Management System (VMS)

Solution: CVT face recognition readers integrated into Panasonic’s FacePRO Intelligent Tracking and Encroacher Management System (i-TEMS)


Model: FA-1000, FA-2000

Year: 2019~

While searching for a partner for its new surveillance project, Panasonic had found CVT at the ISC West exhibition in Las Vegas. FacePRO i-TEMS is a high-precision public monitoring and entry management application that provides face recognition access control, detects intruders, and helps to manage visitors easily. It can be used in all types of venues, such as amusement park, department stores, buildings, universities, government institutes, etc. After a year of co-development, Panasonic has set up a show room at its Asia Pacific headquarter in Singapore where customers can visit for demonstration. CVT is also preparing to launch the face recognition kiosk as a part of the system. As CVT was selected over a major competitor, we will give our utmost for an ongoing partnership with Panasonic.

2. H Elevator

With: H Elevator

Problem: Concerns about how elevators necessarily involve physical contact

Solution: A collaborated system with face registration and destination floor registration on the face recognition reader


Model: FA-2000

Year: 2020

Promotion of the collaborated solution at an exhibition in Shanghai.

H Elevator, established in 1984, has been the No.1 elevator company in Korea for 13 years with presence in 55 countries. It has selected CVT for its new project involving face recognition. When the user is authenticated through our face recognition reader, it communicates with the elevator control panel to automatically guide the person to the closest elevator and to the destination floor.

For PoC, CVT has successfully set up the solution at the HQ and will thoroughly assist H Elevator in promoting the solution.

3. H Motors

With: H Motors

Problem: A cooperative partner for its face recognition integration project

Solution: CVT’s face recognition module


Model: FA-1000, FA-2000

Year: 2019~

H Motors is planning a new solution where the driver and passengers are authenticated via face recognition. Besides monitoring the driver and opening the door with face, the solution also supports car personalization where the seat, temperature, and other settings are adjusted accordingly. It will also be designed to maintain a full operation regardless of network condition (e.g. when driving through the tunnel) with the hardware and camera designed for automobile reliability test (AEC-Q100).

CVT is currently discussing wth H Motors the coordination of PoC for the project.



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